Automobile and Air Pollution

Automobile and Air Pollution

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2021-05-20 )

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Air pollution substances such as CO, HC, NOx and PM are well known undesirable combustion products exhausted from internal combustion engine vehicle. Since the technology is advancing, those exhaust emissions are tremendously reduced. Then interior HC emissions and brake wear PM become relatively high levels that cannot be ignored comparing with tail pipe emissions. Fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emission are two main issues of energy problem. Electric vehicle has a potential to solve the energy and global warming problems. However recent report on vehicle LCA shows that the electric vehicle has not so large advantages when “cradle to grave” emissions are considered. In this book, firstly, tail pipe emissions such as NOx and PM are fundamentally explained. Following the above emissions, technological reports relevant to “cradle to grave” CO2 emission, secondary organic aerosol in air pollution, health effect of toxic pollution substances, interior emissions such as formaldehyde, and battery issues are comprehensively reviewed. Further, emissions from vehicle fire and e-fuel technology that is expected as a future fuel.

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Masataka Arai

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Mechanical engineering, manufacturing technology