Brand Preference, Customer satisfaction and Loyalty

Brand Preference, Customer satisfaction and Loyalty

Smartphone Preference among College Students in Tamil Nadu, India

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2021-05-19 )

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The book is all about the smartphone brand preference of the college students in Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu is a southern state situated in India. The opinion regarding the smartphone preference was collected among the students of affiliated colleges under Four state Universities in Tamil Nadu. The book describes the factors responsible for preferring a particular brand in Smartphones. It also assess the satisfaction level of the college students while using their smartphones. Loyalty plays a major role in the marketing industry where it decides the existence of the brand. This book also focus on the variables responsible for being loyal towards a particular smartphone brand. Purchasing behavior of the college students has been analyzed. Features in the smartphones which make them more satisfied has been highlighted. The activities that the college students perform in the smartphones are identified. Though the smartphone satisfies the need of the college students in Tamil Nadu still they face some challenging problems while using the smartphones. Those challenging problems has been brought into light.

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G. Saranya
G. Yoganandan

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