NLTE-7÷9 Workshops of Relativistic Collisional Radiative Code ATMED

NLTE-7÷9 Workshops of Relativistic Collisional Radiative Code ATMED

Hydrodynamic Simulations & Photoionized Plasmas

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2021-04-30 )

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The general purpose of this fifth book is to display a very complete set of properties of plasmas belonging to the NLTE-7, NLTE-8 and NLTE-9 Workshop databases computed with the developed code ATMED CR (ATom MEDium Collisional Radiative). All plasmas have been recalculated again with the best and last version of software ATMED CR, so slight differences could be encountered in results not altering the correctness of numerical figures. It focuses the attention on the order of magnitude of main parameters as mean charge, Radiative Power Losses and also the fractions of rates by highlighting specifically results of thick and photoionized plasmas. Besides, graphical and tabulated results of new and former hydrodynamic simulations are also included for irradiated foils and targets by laser beams. In the present book, there are also displayed properties of plasmas of several chemical elements that can be found in galactic medium considering the real experimental setup described and already used for the silicon plasma cases proposed in NLTE-10 Workshop.

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Ana Josefa Benita Cerdan

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Theoretical physics