Tools & Logic of Problem Solving in Physics

Tools & Logic of Problem Solving in Physics

Part 1: Mechanics (for algebra based courses)

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2021-05-17 )

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Who could benefit from using this book? This book covers a “first half” of Classical Physics topics typically learned in American high school (core and advanced courses) and General Physics courses in colleges (major and non-major) and can be used as supplementary material for learning and teaching. It can also be of interest to students in countries other than the US. Students can use this book as a reference and review resource while studying Physics and preparing for various exams and contests. Teachers can use this book as supplementary material in- and outside the classroom in conjunction with virtually any textbook. What is special about this book? One of the distinctive features of this book is the elimination of the question “how to set up / start / approach the problem”: there is a general way/algorithm to approach virtually any problem in Physics and – with countable specific adjustments for certain situations – successfully solve it. In other words, there is a way one can always use, and the algorithm is very logical and not very difficult to grasp.

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Igor V. Zubov

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Theoretical physics